Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use this program with my dental insurance?

The only way you can use this with your dental insurance is the dental insurance denies a service. For example, if you have no implant coverage or orthodontic coverage, you may use your membership discount.

What is my discount for dentistry?

You will receive 40% off all preventative or cleanings and 20% off all other dentistry. Remember there are deal that some of the Plan dentists can post on their site regularly that may change! There are some discounts that are in addition to your plan! Remember to check in regularly.

How do I contact the dentist to get in for an appointment?

The dentist’s contact information will show on the listing. Just give them a call or an email! Let them know you have the Healthwize Discount Plan when making the appointment. Give them your member number, and they will confirm your account is eligible.

How soon can I use my discount?

Once your payment is processed (in less than 24 hours) you will be emailed your membership number for you and your family. Just call the dentist you choose and give them that number! As soon as you get your number, your discount is active!

Can I switch dentists or specialists whenever I want?

Yes, the beauty of the Healthwize Discount plan is you are in control. You are not assigned to a dentist. and you can use whichever is listed on the directory with a badge for the program. Look for the Gold and Diamond dentists for those that are participating.

How do I know what dentist are in the discount group on the listing?

All dentists that are Gold and Diamond Dentists are Member Dentists. Look for a badge that states these levels. If you find a dentist that is not in the group, please send us a message, and we will contact them to offer them an upgrade.

If you have dentist you want to visit, and they are not on the listing at all, please send them to the directory website or send us a message. We will contact them and offer for them to join us!

How many family members do I get to list under a “Family” membership?

You may list up to 5 other family members for a total family of 6..

Can I list non-immediate family members?

YES! You can list up to 5 other family members

Will my prices go up each year for the membership?

Not at this time. We plan on holding all prices where they are. You will be notified of any changes prior to them taking effect.